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16:00, Jan 24 2014
Jeanette Wilson
Jeanette Wilson works as a "spiritual medium"

Life on Earth is really an illusion and most people know there is a bigger reality.

Jeanette Wilson, who works as a "spiritual medium" in Inglewood, Taranaki, arrives in Blenheim next week to start a South Island circuit of presentations and workshops.

People attending her first, "Listening to Heaven" on Wednesday and "Seeing is Believing" on Thursday can expect positive relief from health problems they have, she says in a telephone interview.

The former bank manager with Lloyds Bank in Britain knows there will be sceptics. But most people want to believe there is something after life, she says. "My job as a medium is to prove there is."

The 51-year-old had her first encounter with the spiritual world 20 years ago when she "saw" her late grandfather and heard him tell her to "grow up".

He had died when she was just 6-years-old , she says, but there he was, telling her to take responsibility for her feelings and not blame others for her own bad choices.


The experience did not frighten her but when she started hearing other spirit voices she wondered if someone had drugged her, or if she was having a mental breakdown.

"If I had gone to a doctor I would have been medicated and put in a psych ward," she says.

Instead, she carried on working at the bank and spent the next year exploring the world of mediums and clairvoyance.

Sixteen years ago she and her partner Andrew immigrated to New Zealand with their first child and made Taranaki their base. The response to her work from the largely rural community there was amazing, she says.

"My job as a medium is to provide proof. If you believe, it shifts everything you do.

"It helps you make better choices. And find peace.

"I'm one of the happiest people I know," she boasts, and says she longs to prompt some social change.

"We need to move from a world where we are running around like rats to keep a roof over our heads, into a world we we all share our gifts freely and only take from the Earth what we need."

Jeanette has voiced her opposition to genetic engineering and thinks the deep sea oil drilling exploration in New Zealand waters is wrong. At Wednesday's presentation, though, she will be concentrating on helping people use positive spiritual energies to live healthier lives.

People with shoulder or back problems, eczema, depression or skin complaints have all reported positive experiences after attending her previous shows, she says.

"I can't guarantee it with everybody, but I have helped all conditions. It's about the individual being able to be present, though.

"It's their consciousness that helps them cure themselves."

Tickets ($45) for Wednesday and Thursday's 7.30pm sessions at the Scenic Hotel Marlborough in Blenheim are on sale at Blenheim i-SITE, phone 03 577 8080 or on line at

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