River full for raft race fun

17:58, Jan 27 2014
raft face
The mad scramble at the start.

Last year it was a case of too little water, and this year it was a case of too much as the rain poured down yesterday during the More FM Raft Race on the Taylor River, in Blenheim.

Forty-six homemade rafts lined up at the start line for the 1 kilometre race from the Beaver Rd bridge to the amphitheatre. It was a welcome return to the water after the race last year was relegated to the banks of the river because of low water levels.

The weather looked as if it might hold but the rain began to pelt down just minutes before the start, ensuring that racers and spectators alike got drenched.

More FM raft race
More FM raft race

But the rain didn't stop Blenheim teenagers Kelsie Skelton, 14, Logan Silcock, 17, and his sister Jordan Silcock, 15, from taking a very comfortable win on their streamlined mussel float raft.

Jordan and Logan are no stangers to winning, having crossed the line first with their family in the past. Jordan and Kelsie entered together last year and placed second, and first in the teenage division.

More FM radio host Natasha Knox said that they were very pleased with the event and the number of supporters who turned out despite the weather.

Jordan Silcock
Jordan Silcock, 15, Kelsie Skelton 14, Logan Silcock 17.


Eli Speedy
Eli Speedy and partner in crime Simon Hay
More FM raft race
More FM raft race
raft race
Partners in crime
raft race
More FM raft race
Hannah Dickson
Hannah Dickson and Amelia Wadsworth give their Volkswagon Combi a push-start at the beggining of the race.
raft race
Paris Cox and Georgia Appo paddle their Flintstones inspired raft.