Holiday over for new college students

Year 9 students at Marlborough Girls' College got their first taste of college life yesterday at a special ceremony to welcome them to the school.

The new students and their families were welcomed by staff and year 13 students with a powhiri.

College principal Karen Stewart said the new students spent the day undergoing orientation, getting to know their form teacher, class and senior students.

"It was a good start to the year and so far everything has gone smoothly. The main focus of this week is to make the new students feel as comfortable as we can before they start classes and need to find their way around with hundreds of other students," she said.

Year 9 student Abby Owen said it had been an interesting morning. "I'm looking forward to finding out which class I'm in and if any of my friends are in the same class," she said.

Her friend Erin Stewart-Rolleston was nervous about getting used to all the different classes and remembering how to get there.

"I'd prefer to just be in one class and not have to walk around too much, but am sure we will all get used to it," she said.

The day brought back memories for year 13 student Lucy Young.

"We have been reminiscing about our first day at college and if we looked as excited and nervous as the girls that started today," she said.

She was looking forward to the year ahead: "Everyone tells us it will be one of the best years of our lives."

The Marlborough Express