Woman drove into victim

02:55, Jan 28 2014

A 32-year-old Blenheim woman was remanded for sentencing at the Blenheim District Court yesterday after using her car as a weapon during an assault.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said Lesley Ann Low was the driver of a car on Elizabeth St in Blenheim on November 11, about 11.30am.

Her victim was walking in the opposite direction on the footpath.

Low approached an intersection, where she turned her four-wheel-drive vehicle around before driving toward the victim and then stopping. She continued doing this, getting closer to the victim each time, finally driving onto the footpath.

The victim ran away from the vehicle but Low drove towards her twice more.

On the last occasion she lightly struck the victim with her car on the front of her chest, however no injuries were caused.


When spoken to by police, Low admitted she had been driving the car but denied trying to hit the victim with it, or driving onto the footpath. She said she had been assaulted by the victim the previous day.

Judge Richard Russell remanded her until March 10 for sentencing so a pre-sentence report could be completed. He suspended Low from driving until then.

"This was serious offending involving the use of a motor vehicle ... I have heard from [your lawyer] that you need your vehicle for transporting [your] children but quite frankly you should have thought about that before you did this ... the safety of the public is of wider concern."

Two further charges, one of reckless driving and one of dangerous driving, were withdrawn by leave.

Low pleaded not guilty to a fourth charge of using a phone to send 141 text messages to a victim with intent to offend her. She was remanded until March 10 on that charge.


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