Blue cod decisions likely delayed

03:36, Jan 29 2014

The Government was unlikely to make any potentially controversial decisions on the Marlborough Sounds blue cod fishery till after the election, Kaikoura Labour candidate Janette Walker said.

She met Allan Davidson, spokesperson for the Coalition of the Combined Clubs of Wellington, last week to discuss Sounds blue cod rules.

She said she would be meeting with others in the region to get an overview of issues and understand people's interests.

"It's about how everybody can get to benefit in a sustainable way, both commercial and recreational fishers, and protecting such a unique resource."

She said the Government would not make a decision on the rules until after the election.

"In my view, that is the National Government avoiding a contentious issue, given the massive response to the snapper quota for recreational fishers."


Mr Davidson said Ms Walker's skills in mediation resolution had provided her with a significant advantage in disseminating information on complex issues.

"I was very impressed at how quickly Janette applied logic to this issue, uncluttered by the layers of political process and lack of access to ministerial scientific information.

"We foresee Janette being pivotal to supporting our push for common sense to prevail, given the non-performance in two terms on the current administration.

"No significant change has occurred over the blue cod issue since 2008 and it has now been indicated that the blue cod rules will not be changed until after the election - 2015 at the earliest.

The scientific survey the Ministry for Primary Industries promised for release by February was now not expected until at least April.

The Marlborough Express