Police call for safe driving

22:31, Feb 03 2014

High school students on graduated licences tempted to give their mates a lift to school could be busted at checkpoints this week as extra police take to the roads as the new school year begins.

Tasman district police road policing services team leader Senior Sergeant Grant Andrews said police were urging all drivers to be cautious as children went back to school.

Drivers could expect to be breath-tested at checkpoints as well as have their licences checked. Anyone breaching conditions of a learner's or restricted driver's licence could get 35 demerit points and an infringement fine of $100.

"We know a lot of students on restricted licences are tempted to give their mates a lift and that's going to cost them," Mr Andrews said.

Speed around schools and drivers going over the 4kmh speed tolerance would be monitored. The tolerance applied within 250 metres of the boundaries on each side of schools, play centres and kindergartens unless the school had their own speed limit sign.

Mr Andrews also reminded drivers to keep to the 20kmh limit when passing a school bus picking up or dropping off children.


Officers would be checking if passengers were wearing seatbelts or child restraints, and that children under seven were in a car seat or booster.

"On top of that we'll be keeping a close eye out for people texting or talking on cell phones and they, too, can expect to get an infringement notice," he said. "At the end of the day we want to see all children return to school safely."

He urged parents to make sure their younger children were supervised when travelling to and from school.

"Parents also need to ensure their child has the road safety skills to ride a bike to school or to cross the road on their own," he said.

The operation began yesterday and will run until Friday.

The Marlborough Express