Woman shaken after footpath assault

23:30, Feb 03 2014

A 55-year-old Blenheim man appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday after stepping on a woman to get her out of his way.

Anthony John Paterson accepted a charge of assault after it was amended from a charge of male assaults female.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said Paterson was walking on George St in Blenheim about 6pm on November 22.

His victim and her 10-year-old son were also walking on George St, in the opposite direction.

As he approached the pair they tried to get out of his way, before he changed direction and walked into the woman, stepping on her foot with his work boots on, and then shoulder charging her out of the way.

He was verbally abusing her at the same time.


The woman was shaken and received bruising to her foot.

In explanation to police Paterson said he had done it because people in Blenheim were arrogant and they didn't like him and wouldn't get out of his way.

Judge John Bergseng told Paterson people were entitled to feel safe and confident in the street, before sentencing him to 80 hours' community work and six months' supervision.

He was also ordered to pay $250 in reparations to the victim, and court costs of $130.

Tiria Kerry Neill, 29, denied two charges of wilful damage and one charge of common assault. The Redwoodtown man was remanded on bail for a case review hearing on March 17.


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