A liquid asset at festival

23:56, Feb 05 2014
Matt Broughan
Water boys: Matt Broughan and John Martin will be responsible for re-hydrating thousands of thirsty festival-goers with water at the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival on Saturday

Punters who find themselves a bit worse for wear at the Marlborough Wine and Food Festival on Saturday will most likely get a visit from water angels.

Marlborough irrigation company Liquid Action will be back at the festival for a second year, providing water where it is needed.

Managing director Matt Broughan said his company was approached last year to provide water to festival-goers, who were not taking advantage of the free drinking water on-site.

He bought two 20-litre containers to be worn as backpacks. Six staff and a few extras took turns filling up glasses and drink bottles for anyone who "looked like they were going cross-eyed".

"We just couldn't do it fast enough."

You could spot the ones who needed water a mile off, he said.


"They're slumped in their deck chair, their eyes are drooping."

His team dispensed more than 850 litres in six hours, and many wineries represented at the festival said their efforts really made a difference, he said.

Only two people were arrested last year, compared to 29 the previous year.

This year, four water tanks will be used and Wairau Rowing Club members will help, as a fundraiser.

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