Ex-Blenheim man lands TV show lead role

18:20, Feb 09 2014
 Jono Kenyon
Behind the scenes: Former Blenheim man Jono Kenyon is starring in Step Dave, a New Zealand comedy drama set to hit our television screens tomorrow night

It's not every day you wake up and look out your bedroom window to see a bus go by with your face on it but that's just the type of publicity former Blenheim man Jono Kenyon will have to get used to.

Kenyon will soon be appearing on screens across the country in New Zealand-produced comedy drama Step Dave.

The 24-year-old former Marlborough Boys' College student landed the role just four years after graduating from acclaimed national drama school Toi Whakaari in Wellington.

 Jono Kenyon
Jono Kenyon

"It was very humbling, actually, because I'd been doing part-time bar work for a year," said Kenyon. "I'd gone down the cliche route for actors, hustling for work and doing all the jobs you don't want to do."

Kenyon is now based in Auckland, where he is busy filming the new series, working 12-hour days, five to six days a week. The build-up and publicity surrounding the screening of the show was definitely something that would take getting used to, Kenyon said.

"It's pretty trippy waking up and looking out the window and seeing a bus go by with your face on it.


"But it can only really be a good thing - as long as the recognition is justified through my work."

Filming was expected to continue through to mid-March; the crew had shot eight of the 13 one-hour episodes.

Kenyon's previous acting projects included a stint on New Zealand comedy drama series Go Girls in 2009, and Mary Stuart and A Midsummer Night's Dream with the Auckland Theatre Company.

Kenyon moved to Blenheim from England with his family. Paula Kenyon, and older sister Beth Kenyon, still live in Blenheim.

Kenyon said he was grateful for having the opportunity to grow up in Marlborough. During his time here a number of people had helped him get to where he was today including his first drama teacher, Kristine Hudson, former Marlborough Boys' College deputy principal Alistair Williams, and directors Duncan Whiting and Gavin Richards.

"I do look forward to coming back to Marlborough and catching up with everyone - I just want to say thanks to everyone there who has helped and supported me along the way. I'm very grateful to them."

Step Dave screens at 8.30pm on Tuesday on TV2.

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