Catchy tune champions gigatownbln

The team working to get Blenheim the fastest internet connection in the southern hemisphere now has its own theme song.

The song, with the extremely catchy "hashtag-gigatown-b-l-n" chorus, was to be unveiled on YouTube as part of the #gigatownbln promotion this week.

Written and performed by "B-man" Bradley Simmonds, the song encourages people to register and use the different social-media applications on the internet to support the #gigatownbln cause.

"I thought it would be such a cool idea to do one for #gigatownbln. He has so much enthusiasm."

Mr Simmonds said getting all the rhymes right to push the message was harder than he originally thought, but the final version ended up being catchy.

"I was approached and asked to help - anything for the Boomtown."

B-man has three other songs on YouTube, one about living in "the Boomtown", an alternative New Zealand anthem, and one about Christmas in Blenheim, but the #gigatownbln rap is the most family-friendly.

The Gigatown contest is run by telecommunications infrastructure firm Chorus, and pits towns against each other to get the most mentions on social media.

Chorus launched gigatown in October last year, encouraging Kiwis around the world to earn points by registering and using the hashtag #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim in individual posts on social media sites.

All homes in the winning town were likely to be offered a fibre- optic broadband connection with a download speed of 1Gbps for the same price that they would pay for an "entry-level" 30 megabit-per-second connection under the ultrafast broadband scheme.

A similar competition in the United States was won by Chattanooga, which estimates 700 new jobs were created by businesses moving there to take advantage of the internet access.


If you haven't registered, please do! #GIGATOWNBLN needs you.

Register at activate your email and select Blenheim as your town and then post on all of the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr).


FACEBOOK: You can only post on Facebook pages that are registered with Chorus – so make sure you "like" Gigatown Blenheim and use the hashtag onsite.

TWITTER: Tweet or retweet every post about #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim.

INSTAGRAM: Post an image with a caption that includes #gigatownblenheim or #gigatownbln. The photos need to be relevant to Chorus or the internet: a computer, phone, Chorus van, man laying a cable. Cute animals don't count.

TUMBLR: Post using #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim as per Instagram.

FLICKR: Post using #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim as per Instagram and Tumblr. Only one #gigatownbln or #gigatownblenheim is counted in any post. 

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