Job offer for Anesha

01:01, Feb 12 2014
Anesha Stratton
HOPEFUL FUTURE: Tracie Stratton, left, is supporting her daughter, Anesha Stratton, as she tries to give up her addiction to synthetic cannabis

A Blenheim woman going to a detox clinic in Christchurch for synthetic cannabis addiction has been overwhelmed by people reaching out to her.

Anesha Stratton, 19, will be the first person from Marlborough to attend the Kennedy Detox Unit at Hillmorton Hospital when she is admitted on Friday.

She was shocked when a business owner in Christchurch offered her a job after she finished the detox programme.

The man contacted Fairfax Media and told Miss Stratton to contact the company with details if she needed a job to help with the rehabilitation process.

"Everyone deserves a second chance," he said in his message.

Miss Stratton has been contacted daily by people also struggling with synthetic cannabis addiction since an article was published in the Express a week ago.

Another 19-year-old addict in Christchurch contacted her on Facebook and asked if she could talk with her about what she was going through, she said.

"I cried," Miss Stratton said. "If I can save one person, or help one person from not going through what I have, it would mean the world to me."


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