Burglary and threat land man in jail

18:01, Feb 11 2014

A 49-year-old man was sentenced to nine months behind bars after accepting a charge of speaking threateningly and one of burglary in the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

The court was told that Damian John Fraser was at the Blenheim probation office on February 5, about 11.55am.

He was being interviewed by a woman probation officer in a room with a glass wall and a wooden door.

When he took exception to a question he was asked, Fraser threatened to smash the officer's head through the glass, before she left the office, fearing for her safety.

The burglary happened on February 6 about 3am, when Fraser went to his former partner's house, from which he had been previously removed and told not to come back to.

His victim was not home and the house was locked, so Fraser used a large rock to smash a glass door.


Once inside, he took a large amount of food from the pantry.

Judge Tony Zohrab said Fraser had a "terrible history" of violent offending, particularly toward women.

The offending seemed to escalate when Fraser was under the influence of alcohol.

Regarding his threat at the probation office, probation officers should not "have to put up with that sort of behaviour", Judge Zohrab said.


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