'Roundabouts ready by winter'

22:02, Feb 12 2014

New roundabouts along Middle Renwick Rd in Springlands could be completed by winter, Marlborough Roads manager Frank Porter says.

He told the council's assets and services committee that the project to upgrade Middle Renwick Rd through Springlands, including the construction of new roundabouts, would be ready to go out to tender in the next six weeks.

It includes new roundabouts at the intersections of Battys and Murphy's roads and Boyce and Nelson streets as well as a realigned pedestrian crossing in Middle Renwick Rd.

One of the last issues to be resolved was the purchase of some land on the Boyce and Nelson streets corner, Mr Porter said.

The project could proceed without waiting for that purchase but he was confident that it would be resolved soon, he said.

Final drawings would be ready next month and he said he wanted the construction to be completed before this winter.


Councillors praised Marlborough Roads for going ahead with the project, despite it not qualifying for government funding.

They said it was one of the district's problem areas, and the upgrade would significantly improve safety.

Councillor Jessica Bagge asked for the roundabouts to be made beautiful, using the Westwood roundabout as a model.

Mr Porter replied that to traffic engineers, "all roundabouts are a thing of beauty".

As part of the upgrade, kerbside parking would still be available for businesses on the north side of Middle Renwick Rd near the new Boyce St roundabout and space had been made for a cycle lane, although this reduced the width of the road lane and footpath, Mr Porter said.

Purkiss St would not be a cul de sac as originally proposed, instead keeping an entrance and exit on Boyce St.

Mr Porter said the project would be offered as one single contract but he expected the successful tenderer was likely to tackle the job in phases along Middle Renwick Rd.

"We want the job to be done as quickly as possible to minimise the disruption on this road although I would expect it will take 10 to 12 weeks," he said.

Marlborough Roads had scheduled the project so it did not clash with the peak summer trade for motels along Middle Renwick Rd.

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