Bird's-eye view

22:26, Feb 13 2014
ASB Theatre
Looking down on progess as the new ASB Civic Theatre begins to take shape in Blenheim

The ASB Civic Theatre has started resembling a building as the first 10-metre-tall wall slabs have been lifted into place.

Theatre project manager Tim Smit said it was exciting to see the building take shape, beside the Clubs of Marlborough, in Blenheim.

"The slabs are 10 metres tall and the building will be 24 metres high in total. It should give people an idea just how tall the building will be when completed," he said.

ASB Theatre
Walls have started to be erected at the new ASB theatre

The amount of work done so far may have gone unnoticed as most of it has been below ground level, Mr Smit said.

The basement and ground floor were completed and the Riverview Room, which will extend over the bank towards the river, had also been started.

"The slabs are being put in from the east and the south, working towards the crane. The building will appear to take shape a lot faster now," he said.

The ground at the site was broken in January last year and the theatre is set to be completed early next year.


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