Mum proud of her new TV star

On set: Actor Jono Kenyon and his mum, Paula Kenyon, of Blenheim, on the set of Step Dave
On set: Actor Jono Kenyon and his mum, Paula Kenyon, of Blenheim, on the set of Step Dave

The mother of the lead actor in a new Kiwi comedy-drama series showing on TV2 is still getting used to seeing her son on television, but says she couldn't be more proud.

Blenheim's Paula Kenyon, mum of actor Jono Kenyon spent a day on the set of Step Dave last week and said she was blown away by the experience.

"It was great and funny at the same time to see similarities between Dave and my son. They are both kind people, but both have very untidy bedrooms," she said.

Step Dave centres on Dave, played by Kenyon, a 24-year-old "slacker" who finds his life turned upside down when he meets the girl of his dreams, Cara, and her three children.

Billed as a light-hearted, feel-good family drama, it focuses on the fact that modern families come in all different shapes and sizes, and follows Dave as he adjusts to family life.

Created by the writer of Go Girls and Nothing Trivial, Kate McDermott, the first episode, which aired last week, received a rave review from Fairfax Media TV critic Mike Kilpatrick, who wrote: "The cast has chemistry, the writing is sharp and it's better than the vast majority of the stuff shown in prime time."

Ms Kenyon said she was amazed to see how much work went into creating the TV show.

"It took them three hours to film a two-minute segment - not because they are terrible at it, but because it is redone several times to film it from 50 different angles," she said.

She was given a tour of "Dave's" house and Cara's as well as the bar where her son's character works.

One of the big highlights was watching the first episode of the show with her son and his friends the day before it aired.

"To see my son fulfilling his dream was an amazing experience. I thought it might be strange seeing him on TV playing someone else, but it just feels right," Ms Kenyon said.

She did, however, find it odd seeing her son's face pop up during advertising breaks while watching her regular shows.

She looks forward to seeing her son's character develop on screen and is sure he will make the audience laugh.

"Jono has a good sense of humour and has always been able to make us laugh - I think Dave will do the same during the challenging few weeks ahead of him," Ms Kenyon said.

Step Dave screens at 8.30pm on Tuesdays on TV2.

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