Don't do donuts

Samuel James Koroheke, 21, pleaded guilty in the Blenheim District Court yesterday to a charge of driving while suspended and one of causing a vehicle to undergo a sustained loss of traction.

The vineyard worker was driving on Weld St about 10pm when a police car was travelling in the opposite direction. As he reached the intersection of Weld and Litchfield streets, Koroheke did a donut, before turning into Litchfield St.

As he reached a second intersection, he did another donut.

Koroheke admitted to police that he was a suspended driver and admitted doing a "wheelie".

Judge Hobbs fined Koroheke $500 on the charge of driving while disqualified and was disqualified for a further six months on both charges.

"I know young men don't think doing donuts or burn outs, whatever you want to call them is dangerous, but history shows that it is ... unfortunately that message is not getting through to young people," Judge Hobbs said.


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