Court appearances

22:50, Feb 17 2014

Jordan Graham Rogerson accepted a charge in the Blenheim District Court yesterday of drink-driving after being caught over the limit on New Year's Day.

Rogerson was stopped by police on State Highway 1 in Nelson about 10am and completed a breath screening test, which showed he had an excess breath-alcohol level of 264mcg per litre of breath.

His lawyer, Bryony Millar, said Rogerson had slept and eaten before driving that morning.

He had been convicted once before for drink-driving, and Judge Hobbs said that was concerning.

"You tell me you don't have a problem with alcohol, clearly you have a problem with decision-making when you have consumed alcohol," he said.

Rogerson said he had learnt his lesson the first time, but thought he would be OK to drive because it was the morning after he had been drinking.


Judge Hobbs fined him $350 as well as court costs, and disqualified him from driving for six months. When he got his licence back Rogerson was required to apply for a zero-alcohol licence.

Sytse Jan Tacoma, 23, was remanded to appear in the Wellington District Court after denying a charge of injuring with reckless disregard for the safety of others. His bail was continued and he would reappear on March 31.

Marc Stichnoth, 19, accepted a charge of drink-driving after he was found driving with an excess breath-alcohol level of 247 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath.

The legal limit for drivers under 20 is 150mcg.

The German national said he was not aware of the New Zealand rules around drink-driving.

Judge Peter Hobbs convicted Stichnoth, fined him $250 and disqualified him from driving for three months.

Beau Carlos Shepherd, 25, was fined $850 after accepting a charge of drink-driving in court yesterday.

Shepherd was stopped by police while driving on January 18 in Kaitaia, when a breath test showed he had an excess breath-alcohol level of 844mcg per litre of breath.

He was also disqualified from driving for six months.

Poitr Ponikly, 29, denied a charge of common assault and was remanded on bail to reappear on March 31.

Melanie Jane Tyson, 35, also known as Melanie Jane Ponikly, was remanded without plea on a charge of assault with a blunt instrument. She will reappear on March 3.

Glenda Suzanne Tengahue, 42, was remanded without plea until March 6 on a charge of drink-driving.

The Napier woman was to apply for legal aid and would reappear in the Napier District Court.

John David Wright, 45, was remanded without plea on one charge of threatening behaviour and one of disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence to start.

The Koromiko man will reappear on March 3.

Hori Maaka, 37, of Blenheim, accepted a charge of breaching his community work and had was convicted and sentenced to six months' supervision.

James Thornton Lines, 23, was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for one year and one day when he appeared in court yesterday. The Renwick man accepted his third charge of driving while suspended, for which he had no explanation. The disqualification was to start on April 3, when the existing suspension ended


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