Man tried to steal wine in backpack

22:56, Feb 18 2014

A 42-year-old man accepted four charges in the Blenheim District Court on Monday, after he attempted to steal 15 bottles of wine from two Blenheim supermarkets.

Clinton Andrew Willetts, of Redwoodtown, went to Countdown Redwoodtown about 5.25pm on February 13. He took with him a backpack, into which he placed eight bottles of wine, valued at $93.90.

He then went through a check-out, where he paid for a packet of tissues and attempted to leave the shop without paying for the wine. When he was asked by a staff member to show them what was inside his bag Willetts became argumentative. He put his bag on the ground and when he was asked to wait for the police, he pushed the staff member in the chest into a shelf.

He later went to Countdown Blenheim, where he attempted to steal seven bottles of wine, worth $70.90, in a different backpack.

When he was asked if he was going to pay for the wine in his backpack he pushed past supermarket staff and left the store.

When police arrived Willetts said he had done nothing wrong, was non compliant and had to be pepper-sprayed before being taken into custody.


Judge Hobbs sentenced him to 90 hours' community work and six months' supervision on each charge.

Christine Helen Morris, 50, was remanded for sentencing on Monday, after stealing two packets of razor blades while she was intoxicated.

The court heard that the Blenheim woman went to New World Blenheim on December 26 about 9pm.

She took two packets of razor blades from a shelf, removed their packaging and put the razors, worth $57.98, into her bag.

Morris said she saw the CCTV footage of herself taking the items but did not remember taking them because she was intoxicated at the time.

She was to reappear for sentence on March 31.

Zac Wilson, 17, accepted a charge of assault with intent to injure when he appeared on Monday.

The Blenheim forest worker was drinking with associates on January 22 about 6.50pm when the victim arrived at the address.

The victim had come to pick up his girlfriend and remained in his car as he spoke to someone else at the property.

Wilson approached the victim and punched him twice in the face through his open car window, fracturing his cheek bone.

He told police he had punched him because the victim's girlfriend told him to.

The victim may need a facial reconstruction as a result of the assault.

Wilson was to reappear on March 17.

Johnny Peter Materoa, 20, pleaded guilty to wilful damage after he drew on the walls of a bail room at the Blenheim District Court.

The Redwoodtown man was in the room about 10.37am on February 12 when he used an ink pen to graffiti the walls.

When he was located by police he was intoxicated and couldn't explain why he had damaged the wall.

Materoa was remanded until February 24.

Arunbey Riki Lou Lambert, 42, was remanded until March 17 on a charge of breaching his community work.

A 64-year-old man was remanded until March 31 for restorative justice to take place on a charge of threatening behaviour.

Gary Colin Rogers, 40, was sentenced to two months' home detention and six months' post detention conditions on a charge of common assault and one of breaching a protection order.

On Tuesday, Andy Junior Halliday, 20, had seven dishonesty charges dropped when he appeared in court.

The Blenheim man was remanded without plea on his remaining 10 dishonesty charges until March 3.

Jesse Damien Joseph Farrow, 24, was remanded without plea on a charge of breaching his community work and will reappear on March 10.

James Frederick Baker, 25, was remanded without plea on a charge of driving while disqualified and was to reappear on March 10.

Graham Stephen Wraight, 50, and Fiona Wraight, 41, appeared in court on Monday, where they accepted a joint charge of cultivating cannabis.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said police went to the couple's Renwick home on February 13 about 5.40pm about a different matter.

While they were there police saw a cannabis plant, about 1-metre tall growing among other plants.

The couple said they had been growing the plant for a terminally ill friend, who used the drug for medicinal purposes. Judge Hobbs fined them $350 each.

Kurt Walsh, 32, was remanded without plea on a charge of burglary and would reappear on March 10.

Liam David Walsh, 20, was remanded without plea on a charge of burglary and would reappear on March 10.

Shaun William Macfarlane , 30, was remanded without plea on a charge of burglary and would reappear on March 3.

In court yesterday, a Blenheim woman accepted a charge of assault after throwing a jug of hot water over a man.

Ashley Marie Collins, 18, was at home asleep after a day of drinking on November 23 when she got up to make herself a hot drink.

She attempted to talk to a family member but was ignored because of her level of intoxication, and became abusive and started swearing.

Another family member came into the kitchen and confronted her about her behaviour, when she threw the jug at him.

It was not known how hot the water was, but it landed on his head.

The victim was hurt by the hot water, but did not sustain any lasting injuries.

Judge Hobbs sentenced Collins to 60 hours' community work.

Angus Hendrix Ngarangione, 23, had his sentence of community work cancelled when he appeared on a charge of breaching the sentence yesterday.

The Mayfield man had 287 hours remaining after being sentenced to a total of 400 hours on two separate occasions last year before he failed to report to his probation officer on December 11.

Judge Hobbs cancelled the remaining hours, and reimposed 100 hours' community work on him, and subjected him to nine months' supervision.

Stephen Gary Tui, 41, was convicted and ordered to come up for sentence if called within six months on a charge of threatening to injure with intent to intimidate yesterday.

The Waikawa plasterer had originally denied the charge, vacating that plea yesterday and instead pleading guilty to the charge.

The court heard how Tui was at Picton Fresh Choice about 10.30am on November 20 last year.

The victim was also at the supermarket, and Tui and his partner waited outside for him to leave the store, before confronting him about a $10 debt the victim owed to Tui's partner.

He threatened the victim, saying "you will get a baseball bat around the head tomorrow if you don't pay".

Tui denied using those words and threatening the victim, although he acknowledged he did approach the man.

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