Tank cleaning could leave faint taste to water

17:55, Feb 18 2014

Blenheim residents near Weld St and the Wither Hills may notice changes in the taste and smell of their water after a reservoir tank was cleaned, the Marlborough District Council warns.

Council assets and services manager Mark Wheeler said the large water reservoir at the top of Blenheim's Redwood St had been cleaned as part of regular maintenance.

A chlorine-based disinfectant was used and then flushed out to waste, not reticulated into the water supply.

The chlorine dosage levels left in the tank were very low, Mr Wheeler said, but some consumers near Weld St and the Wither Hills might detect a faint change in the taste or the odour of their water for a few days.

There should be no effect on water supply pressure during this maintenance, he said.

Enquiries regarding the water should be directed to the district council by phoning their offices on 03 520 7400.


The Marlborough Express