Couple's name censored by judge

A Blenheim woman was discharged without conviction and her partner convicted and ordered to come up for sentence if called within six months on charges of disorderly behaviour on Tuesday.

The couple were granted final name supression on the charges in the Blenheim District Court, after requesting it to protect the safety of themselves and their children.

The charges arose following an incident on December 7 when they were involved in an altercation with three men on their property about 2am.

It was unclear who instigated the altercation, however the couple were arrested after failing to comply with police instructions when they arrived.

The three other men admitted charges of disorderly behaviour following the fight and were fined $150 each.

The couple denied the charges, saying they were protecting their property and their children who were inside at the time of the incident.

Speaking for the couple, duty solicitor Laurie Murdoch said there was some history behind the altercation, and they were trying to do the right thing.

"These people came to their home, [the couple have] called the police and when the police arrived they felt like they were being treated like the perpetrators," she said.

Judge Peter Hobbs accepted the couple were under stress and upset at the time of the incident, but said the police concern was their failure to comply with their instructions.

"There was an ugly, unfortunate, potentially dangerous altercation that had occurred prior to the police arriving . . . when the police arrived they believe you didn't do all you could to remove yourself from the situation and calm things down, hence the charges," he said.


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