Renwick garden hoses restricted

16:00, Feb 21 2014

The Marlborough District Council has imposed restrictions on the use of garden hoses in Renwick, and warns that some people could run out of water if restrictions are not observed.

Council operations and maintenance engineer Stephen Rooney said the amount of water being used and low aquifer levels in Renwick meant that, from yesterday, hosing gardens must be limited to every other day.

Properties with even-numbered street addresses may use sprinklers on only even-numbered days and those with odd-numbered addresses are restricted to odd-numbered days.

There was no restriction on hand-held hoses but residents were asked to be sensible and keep this to a minimum, he said.

Only one tap should be used at a time to run a sprinkler or sprinkler systems.

The restrictions would be in place until further notice.


Mr Rooney asked everyone in Renwick to think carefully about their water use and to co-operate with the request to observe restrictions.

If this didn't happen, properties in elevated areas would run out of water when the storage was emptied, he said.

"If everyone follows good water conservation habits this low-level water restriction may be all that is necessary. However, if people ignore the ban and it gets drier, an outright ban may have to be imposed.

"We realise this is the time of the year when everyone irrigates their lawns and gardens but we're asking everyone to do this in a responsible manner, observing limits the council put in place."

The Marlborough Express