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19:50, Feb 23 2014
Pies from de Broods bakery in Blenheim were the order of the big day

Pies from de Broods bakery in Blenheim were the order of the big day for bride and groom Rachel Hay and Brendan Knight.

The Saturday Express spotted the couple and their bridal party as they were grabbing a bite to eat before their wedding at The Old Barn in Riverlands earlier this month.

The two 21-year-olds came back to the groom's home town for the wedding.

Rachel Hay
The beautiful bride Rachel Hay

Rachel hails from Kerikeri in the North Island.

Brendan is studying industrial design and Rachel graphic design at Wellington.

"We met in the first year at Massey University," Rachel says.


"His friend was my flatmate," she says.

"I liked him so I pretty much stalked him and he figured out I was pretty cool too." Brendan nods as she speaks, adding "That's pretty much it."

The couple say they wanted to get married to declare the strength of their relationship in a formal public way.

"Obviously you can choose not to get married and do everything that a married couple would technically, but I just liked the fact that it was a public formal way of saying we are going to commit to each other," Brendan says.

"We're sticking together," Rachel adds. "We've planned our lives together already so why not celebrate it and have some fun?

"I think young people are starting to value it a lot more," she says of getting married a bit younger.

They like that their friends and family will know that they are taking their relationship seriously.

Brendan proposed in front of boat sheds on the Wellington waterfront.

Rachel said yes, and then they went together to resize the ring he had chosen.

Lots of people helped them organise the wedding of 70 guests, and they were really grateful for this.

"It's a student wedding so we've gotten everyone to help," Rachel says.

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