Blue Door move sparks business

Volunteers at Blue Door were run off their feet on Friday, with a heavy stream of customers keen to check out their new premises and grab a bargain.

Blue Door has moved to the former Guthrie Bowron premises on Seymour St, just around the corner from their old site.

Manager of the second-hand store, Bronwen Demmocks, said when she arrived at work on Friday morning there was a crowd of about 70 people waiting for the doors to open.

"We could hardly move in there.

"We were very lucky we had an extra six volunteers today."

They had about 200 customers on Friday - a normal day would attract 100, she said.

"It's been an exceptional day. It's been busy all day.

"I'm just relieved and happy that everything is in place and the customers like it and the staff like it."

Though they did not find any hidden treasures during their move, they did find 400 CDs they had forgotten about, Ms Demmocks said. "We did find a couple of nice pieces including a leather bag, which has already sold, and some china."

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