Group needs a nude model

18:22, Feb 24 2014
Tone drawing in charcoal of female figure appeared in Vanderpoel's 1907 book The Human Figure

Since their nude model up and left to return to her native Germany in June, members of the Picton Drawing Group have been at a loss for someone to pose during their life drawing sessions.

They have resorted to capturing on paper still life such as pottery, sculptures and sheep skulls.

Sometimes clothed members of the group have stepped in to pose, but it just isn't the same as having a live model, said ceramic artist Sara Scott, who helped form the group a year ago.

The life drawing sessions were mostly held at The Diversion Gallery in Picton.

"We've tried to model ourselves, but it's very hard trying to stay still for that long," Ms Scott said.

The group was looking for an experienced life model, male or female, for their first six-week block of weekly drawing sessions.


The woman they had modelling for them had posed for leading art schools in Germany, Ms Scott said. "We're not looking for people who like to take their clothes off."

Group member and gallery director Barbara Speedy said they were looking for someone who has experience being a life model.

"A lot of people think: ‘Oh, it's very naughty'," Ms Scott said.

"But all you're seeing is the shape, shadows, lines and tone."

Ms Speedy said it was very different from drawing an inanimate object.

"There's a subtleness of tonality you don't really get when you're drawing an inanimate object."

The Picton Drawing Group formed after live drawing classes at Riverlore Gallery in Renwick were discontinued.

Since its formation, the drawing group has attracted a core of eight regulars, artists from around Picton. They held their first exhibition, Body of Work, last month.

Ms Speedy said the opening of the exhibition attracted about 100 people, many of whom were keen to join a regular life drawing group.

The Picton Drawing Group will meet for their first session of the year at The Diversion Gallery in London Quay, Picton, from 7pm to 9pm tomorrow. For more information, contact Sara Scott on 03 573 7199.

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