Jailed after vicious assault

18:30, Feb 24 2014

A Blenheim man was sentenced to six months' imprisonment when he appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday on charges of assault, wilful damage and breaching a community work order.

Kevin John Robert Jones, 25, assaulted a woman on July 7 last year about 2.30am when she stepped in to stop an altercation between Jones and her associate.

When the pair walked towards their house, Jones followed them, attempting to continue the fight.

The victim told Jones there was no need for the argument.

However, Jones grabbed her by the arm and punched her twice in the mouth.

The woman got back into her car, and Jones circled it, kicking and punching the panels.


The woman received a cut lip, chipped tooth and bruised arm from the assault.

Damage to her car amounted to $1399.55.

Judge Richard Russell said Jones had 15 previous assault convictions, which was a "real concern".

"I consider this was a nasty assault," he said.

"I'm not satisfied the victim was involved in any earlier difficulties ... she was minding her own business and did nothing to provoke you," he said.

Judge Russell said Jones had been intoxicated, and thought his victim was a man before he hit her.

He sentenced Jones to five months in prison on the charge of assault, and one month on the wilful damage charge, to be served concurrently.

Jones was also ordered to pay $1399.55 in reparations for the car, and $350 in emotional harm to his victim.

On a separate charge of breaching a community work order, Jones was sentenced to one month in prison, which was cumulative to the existing five months.

He was also sentenced to six months' post-detention conditions.


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