Court appearances

18:28, Feb 24 2014

An 18-year-old Blenheim man has been given a month to recover or replace the iPhone he stole late last year.

In the Blenheim District Court yesterday, police prosecutor sergeant Mark Harris said Stefan Andrew O'Brien, of Witherlea, was at Fairweathers Bar in Blenheim on December 15, about 12.30am when he picked up an iPhone 5, worth $899, which was sitting on a table and put it into his pocket.

When the owner of the cellphone noticed it was gone, O'Brien said he had not seen it. He then left the bar.

Shortly after leaving he put some cards that the owner of the phone had stored in the case of the phone into a drain.

The phone has not been recovered.

He told police he had given it to an associate.


Judge Russell told O'Brien the incident had been a "thoroughly miserable piece of conduct", before ordering him to either return the phone, or come up with $899 to replace it before his next appearance on March 24.

If he did not do either, the "gloves would be off" when it came it his sentencing, Judge Russell said.

Anthony Steven Richards, 29, admitted two charges in court yesterday, of wilful trespass and assault.

Richards vacated a plea of not guilty to the charge of assault, which arose from an incident on January 29.

He was at home with his brother about 8pm, when his brother became angry because Richards was helping himself to his food.

They had an argument and Richards took a knife from his pocket and swiped it at his brother twice at the stomach, but did not cause any injuries.

Richards was also trespassed from an address on January 29, and returned to that address on February 23.

He asked if he could stay at the address and when the occupier said no he began yelling and screaming before taking off his clothes and leaving the address.

He was found shortly after by police still naked and offered no explanation for his actions.

He was remanded until March 31 for sentence after being convicted on both charges.

Mervyn Raynor Gattenby, 44, admitted a charge of driving with excess breath-alcohol when he appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday.

The Witherlea crane operator was stopped on Beach Rd in Kaikoura on an unrelated matter on December 13.

When police detected a smell of alcohol he was processed for drink-driving, and gave a breath-alcohol reading of 624 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath.

The legal limit is 400mcg per litre of breath.

Judge Russell convicted him and fined him $650 plus court costs.

Gattenby was also disqualified from driving for six months.

Richard Ian Gleeson, 49, was further remanded without plea on one charge of cultivating cannabis and one charge of possession of cannabis for the purpose of supply.

The Renwick man will reappear on March 10.

Brian-Edward James Nestor, 33, accepted a charge of breaching his community work when he appeared in court yesterday.

Judge Russell cancelled the remaining 125.75 hours' community work and imposed a new sentence of 140 hours on him.

Heber Kure Watson, 20, of Christchurch, denied a charge of driving while suspended and was remanded until April 15 for a case review hearing.

A 44-year-old Blenheim woman was remanded without plea on a charge of assault on a child, and one of assault with a blunt instrument.

The woman, who has been granted name suppression, was to apply for legal aid and will reappear on March 10.

Angus Jesse Faulkner Bruce-McKenzie, 23, accepted a charge of driving while suspended in court yesterday.

The Redwoodtown vineyard worker was driving about 7.30pm on February 7 after being suspended on January 17 due to excess demerit points.

He told police he was driving because he needed to get food.

Judge Russell disqualified him from driving for six months, commencing on April 17 when the existing suspension ended, and sentenced him to 45 hours' community work.

"Don't you get behind the wheel of the car and drive again until you have a valid licence in your hand," he said.

Tukia Fotu, 24, was remanded without plea on three charges when he appeared in court yesterday.

The Redwoodtown vineyard worker is facing two charges of burglary and one charge of wilful trespass.

He was to apply for legal aid and would reappear on March 10.

Henry Taylor-Halliday, 24,denied a charge of breaching his community work and will reappear on April 8 for a case review hearing.

Hori Maaka, 37, was remanded without plea on a charge of burglary.

The vineyard worker was to apply for legal aid and will reappear on March 10.

Johnny Peter Materoa, 20, was remanded to complete restorative justice after accepting a charge of speaking threateningly.

The court heard that Materoa arrived at the Redwoodtown home he shared with his mother and sister about 11pm on February 12.

He was intoxicated and became argumentative and abusive and was asked to leave by his sister.

He left then returned, and continued yelling abuse at the pair in an attempt to intimidate them.

After leaving again he returned a third time, yelling and waking a sleeping baby at the house.

When asked to leave again he threatened to smash all of the windows at the house and said he would kill his mother.

When police found him he said he had not been home all day and denied he had been drinking.

His lawyer, Laurie Murdoch, said Materoa denied threatening to kill his mother but admitted he had been abusive towards the pair.

Judge Russell said the incident had been "simply a dreadful way" to treat his mother.

"She's the only mother you're ever going to have and you need to treat her with some courtesy and respect," Judge Russell said.

Materoa was to reappear on March 31.

Leah Thelma Barbarich, 24, was remanded until April 23 for sentence on a charge of breaching a community work order.


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