Seven-month jail term

18:59, Feb 25 2014

A 21-year-old man was sent to prison for seven months when he appeared in the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

Judge Richard Russell sentenced Jason Douglas Patterson to two months' imprisonment on a charge of burglary, five months' imprisonment on two breaches of a protection order and one month in prison on a charge of wilful damage.

Judge Russell told the court that on November 30 last year, Patterson had been drinking throughout and was extremely intoxicated.

Due to his behaviour, his partner ended up grabbing their two children and locking herself with them in the garage and phoning the police. She could hear Patterson throwing things around and when she went back inside noticed a hole in the wall.

The second breach occurred on December 4 when Patterson phoned the victim once and sent her seven Facebook messages and six text messages.

At some point between September 9 and September 13 Patterson jumped the fence of Marlborough Tow and Salvage with an associate and took a car stereo from a vehicle inside the closed yard.

Patterson was also to pay $75 in reparations for the burglary, $250 for the wilful damage and $450 in emotional harm to his former partner. He would be subject to six months' release conditions.


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