Annabel Langbein visits Seddon

16:00, Feb 28 2014

The Awatere Playcentre in Seddon was buzzing with even more excitement than usual on Thursday when celebrity chef Annabel Langbein paid a visit.

Annabel was at the centre for the morning as part of their prize for winning the points challenge in the Tui School Garden Challenge.

They also collected $500 worth of Tui product vouchers and a Duratuf shed.

"The kids have been fantastic helping me do some baking and cooking. It has been so great to see that they can crack an egg and mix the mixture; you can tell there is a tradition of home baking here," Annabel says.

Teaching children to cook and bake is close to her heart.

"If you can get kids learning how to cook it will only enrich their lives, no matter what they end up doing in life," she says.


She spent the morning making treats such as apple pancakes and mini pork patties, which the children and their parents enjoyed for morning tea.

Playcentre mum Mel Ewart says they invited some of the members of the public who had supported them through the previous year round to enjoy some of the food.

"One of the other mums, who is a very good baker, used some of Annabel's recipes and made some extra stuff for us to enjoy too," she says.

During her visit Annabel also helped the children plant a mandarin tree in their garden.

After her visit to the centre she took time out to see some of the sights in Marlborough before leaving on Friday.

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