'Employment land' zone proposal

18:12, Feb 26 2014
Land changes: The Marlborough District Council is looking at re-zoning seven areas of land, from rural to residential, enabling houses to be built around the north and north-west of Blenheim. This shows the affected areas that the council is considering.

Land north of the Westwood retail centre near Blenheim should be zoned "employment land" rather than residential, the centre's developer says.

Outer Limits spokesman Phil Robinson spoke yesterday during the third day of a hearing considering Marlborough District Council proposals to change the zoning of seven areas of land to the north and northwest of Blenheim from rural 2 to residential.

The panel considering the changes is independent chairman John Maassen and councillors David Oddie and Laressa Shenfield.

In his submission, Mr Robinson argued the land owned by Outer Limits in PC66 should be cut from the change and stay rural.

Instead, it should be considered along with the land owned by Talleys and a chunk of neighbouring land in PC69 also housing coolstores in a later council plan review with the view to making the land "employment land", suitable for commercial use, housing big box retail and light industrial businesses.

The southern part of land owned by Outer Limits in PC66 is the Westwood retail centre on Middle Renwick Rd, which houses the Bunnings store and the Pak 'N Save supermarket.


Outer Limits had always planned on a second phase of development of the northern part of its land and would pour the concrete for a new road shortly, Mr Robinson said.

Council lawyer Peter Radich said the council would be happy to carve out the Outer Limits land from the plan change being considered and it could be parked until the council reviewed its district plan covering all the Outer Limits land.

That did not mean the council was giving any indication about the particular direction the land could be used for in the future, he said.

Talleys lawyer Quentin Davies told the panel his clients were concerned that the proposed plan changes did not take into account the potential effects on Talleys' industrial coolstore in Rene St, off Old Renwick Rd, and neighbouring the northern boundary of Outer Limits' land.

It would be an industrial site operating in a residential area, and Talleys had concerns about reverse sensitivity - where people move into an area and complain about noise or other issues from activity happening there.

The suggestion by Mr Robinson that the industrial operations be carved out of the plans and re-zoned in a later plan review was new to his clients, Mr Davies said, and he would seek instructions to see if that was a solution acceptable to Talleys.





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