February 21 the hottest day

23:39, Mar 03 2014

Could it be possible? Only one day?

According to official weather statistics Blenheim had only one day this summer in which the temperature reached 30 degrees Celsius.

A data summary from the Blenheim Meteorological station at the Marlborough Research Centre showed the town had its hottest day on Friday, February 21.

The 30C recorded that day was the highest temperature for February when compared with February last year and February 2012.

The third week of February was the hottest week of the month.

The average temperature last month was 17.7C compared with February last year, which had an average temperature of 17.2C.


February 2012 was the coldest February since 2003, with an average of 17C.

The average temperature over the 2013-2014 summer months - December, January and February - was 17.7C.

The average temperature of the previous summer was only slightly warmer at 17.8C.

Summer last year just missed the 30C mark, though three days came close - all recorded 29.8C.

The statistics also showed 241.4 sunshine hours were recorded during February, though the beginning of the month was not reassuring with overcast weather and little sun.

Last year had the second highest sunshine hours on record for February, with a total of 291.1 hours. February 2012 had the lowest sunshine hours on record since 1930, with just 133.6 hours.

Total sunshine hours for this summer stood at 736.5, almost 100 hours less than last summer which had 828.6 hours of sunshine.

The figures also showed minimal rainfall for February this year, with just 18 millimetres of rain recorded over two days.

February last year had a similar amount of rain, with just 18.6mm.

February 2012 had over double the rainfall of these two years - 38mm of rainfall was recorded.

Total rainfall for the three summer months was 114mm, on par with the previous summer rainfall.

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