Fight over text message

18:29, Mar 03 2014

Peter Reginald Voice, 55, pleaded guilty to one charge of wilful damage and one of assault when he appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said Voice had been in a relationship with the victim for about five years and they had been "on and off" for the past year.

On January 22, Voice, a Picton youth worker, sent his victim a text message about her being an alcoholic.

She responded saying he needed to focus on his own drug problems, and went for a walk.

While she was walking in Waikawa Rd, she was seen by Voice, who stopped his car and said he wanted to talk to her.

When she ignored him and continued walking, he grabbed her face, forcing her head back and yelled abuse at her about the text message she had sent.


He then grabbed her handbag tipped everything out of it, and put it into his car.

There was a struggle between the pair as she tried to get her belongings back, then he picked up her cellphone, got a hammer from the boot of his car and smashed it, yelling abuse at the victim while he did so.

The victim received scratching and bruising from the incident, but did not seek medical treatment.

Judge Ongley sentenced Voice to 200 hours' community work and nine months' supervision.


The Marlborough Express