Court appearances




Collette April Miller, 45, pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of cannabis.

Mr Harris said the Riversdale woman was a passenger in a car which was stopped in Scott St on February 6.

When police were talking to the occupants of the car, they noticed a strong smell of cannabis coming from inside it.

They searched the car and discovered 68 grams of dried cannabis material in pre-packaged bags, as well as a large amount of cannabis plant leaves.

Miller said the cannabis was hers, and was convicted and fined $400.


Richard Anderson Rangi, 46, accepted a charge of drink-driving after he was stopped on State Highway 1 near Blenheim on February 3.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said the Blenheim labourer was driving when he was spotted by a police patrol vehicle about 8.55pm turning right off Rapaura Rd on to SH1 without stopping at the stop sign.

When they stopped him, Rangi said he had recently consumed alcohol and a breath test showed he had an excess breath-alcohol level of 813 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg.

Rangi told police a friend had phoned him and he had driven to his house to help him out.

Judge Ongley sentenced him to 100 hours' community work and disqualified him from driving for 12 months.

He was to apply for a zero-alcohol licence when the disqualification ended, and was to have no interest in any motor vehicle until that time.


Travis Denver Harvey, 36, accepted a charge of assault with intent to injure after it was amended from a charge of injuring with intent.

He was to reappear on April 15 for sentence.

Coye Ivan Streeter, 28, had the remaining hours of his community work sentence cancelled when he appeared on a charge of breaching the sentence.

The Seddon man was fined $400.

Barry Stanley Dorset, 53, was remanded for sentence on his third or subsequent charge of drink-driving.

The Picton courier was stopped about 1.16am on February 23, driving in Waikawa Rd.

A breath-alcohol test showed he had an excess breath-alcohol level of 707mcg.

He was to reappear on April 8 for sentence.

Logan Hans Busch, 24, was sentenced to 60 hours' community work and disqualified from driving when he appeared on a charge of driving while suspended.

The Riversdale kitchenhand was stopped by police while driving in Old Renwick Rd at 7.42am on February 17.

He had been suspended from driving on January 31 because of excess demerit points.

Judge Ongley disqualified Busch from driving for a further six months, beginning when the current suspension ended.

"You have got a history of very irresponsible driving . . . the chickens are coming home to roost in terms of your disqualifications getting longer," he said.

"Do not [drive while disqualified], because you will start getting disqualifications that run in to 2015 and 2016 and have the possibility of going to jail for breaching."

Milena Georgina Chaneva, 41, accepted a charge of careless driving causing injury when she appeared in court yesterday.

Mr Harris said Chaneva was sitting in her car at 9.58am on February 21, when she began reversing her car.

She accelerated at speed and backed into two parked cars. She then panicked, continued accelerating, and hit a man, badly breaking his leg.

She was remanded for restorative justice to take place and would reappear on April 8.

Barbara Josephine Duggan, 56, was fined $600 when she appeared on a charge of drink-driving.

Mr Harris said the Nelson woman was seen by police driving erratically about 3.15am on February 15, and was pulled over in Seymour St.

She underwent a breath test, which showed she had an excess breath-alcohol level of 629mcg.

She told police she had drunk several beers and vodka throughout the night.

Judge Ongley also disqualified Duggan from driving for six months and ordered her to pay court costs.

Samara Wilkinson, 31, a cleaner of Picton, entered no plea when she appeared on a charge of drink-driving and was remanded until March 17.

Ethan Cole Stevens, 22, of Blenheim, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving while forbidden.

The dairy worker was forbidden to drive on December 28 until he obtained a current licence, and was stopped by police again on February 17 about 11.23am.

Judge Ongley remanded Stevens at large until April 8 to get a current licence.

William Samuel Pivac , 24, pleaded guilty to a charge of theft.

The court heard that, during the early hours of December 15, the Rarangi forest worker was in Charles St, Blenheim.

He walked past a parked car and decided to smash one of its windows, get into the car and take four DVDs.

Pivac told Judge Ongley that he had stolen the DVDs because he was drunk.

He was convicted and fined $150 and court costs.

Thomas Tui Te Hau, 28, of Kaikoura, was remanded without plea on a charge of aggravated robbery until March 10.

Richard Paul Mcgarry appeared on his third or subsequent charge of drink-driving, to which he pleaded guilty.

Mr Harris said Mcgarry was driving in Middle Renwick Rd on July 15.

He was stopped by police and a breath-alcohol test showed he had an excess breath-alcohol level of 529mcg.

Mcgarry told police he had been in an argument with his partner and was driving to his home in Renwick.

He was remanded on bail to appear on April 14 for sentence.

Barry James Weaver, 47, was sentenced to 300 hours' community work and nine months' supervision on a charge of assault with intent to injure.

The court previously heard that the rubbish collector kicked his victim to the ground, then punched him many times, causing him cuts and bruises to his face, arms, head and ear.

James Frederick Lance Baker, 25, was sentenced to four months' community detention and 300 hours' community work when he appeared on a charge of driving while disqualified, and one of careless driving.

The court previously heard that Baker had crashed into a tree when he veered off the road on SH1 south of Kaikoura, after falling asleep at the wheel.

Two days later he was found driving while forbidden in Blenheim, but his lawyer said this was not intentional and had only happened because his partner was suffering from morning sickness.


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