43,416 people live here


The number of people aged over 65 residing in Marlborough has increased by more than 2000 since the last census.

The 2013 census figures released from Statistics New Zealand showed 8907 people over 65 were living in Marlborough compared with 6879 in the 2006 census.

The total population of Marlborough also increased by 858 to 43,416. There were 21,240 males and 22,176 females.

The number of newborns and toddlers aged 0-4 years increased from 2370 in 2006 to 2676 in 2013, an increase of 306.

The number of people aged from 40 to 64 increased by 225 to 15,654.

The number of people aged 5 to 19 decreased by 804 to 7446, and those aged 20 to 39 decreased by 897 people to 8730.

People living in Marlborough in 2013 identified as European, Maori, Pacific people, Asian, Middle Eastern and New Zealander.

The number of people identifying as European increased to 37, 041 from 32,022 in 2006. However, this in part reflects people's decision to identify as European rather than New Zealanders.

In the 2006 census, 6627 people identified themselves as New Zealanders, and only 1038 did in 2013.

There were 4776 people identified as Maori in 2013, up from 4275 in 2006.

English was the most common language spoken, followed by Maori and Samoan. Other languages spoken in Marlborough include French, Korean, Afrikaans, Yue Chinese, Hindi and Tagalog.

There was a slight fall in the number of people owning or partly owning their own house.

The 2013 data showed 9252 people owned or partly owned a house, a drop of 24 people when compared with the last census.

However, there was an increase in the number of houses held in a family trust - 2610 homes were held in family trust in 2013, compared with 1893 in 2006.

The number of tertiary qualified people has also increased. Those with a degree qualification or higher numbered 4065 in 2013, up 1179 from the 2006 census.

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