Much-loved magpie back in old roost

16:00, Mar 08 2014
Beak condition: Mordecai the magpie with Chase Nicholson, 12, after being reunited with his family. The bird had been missing for six weeks

A magpie found by a Blenheim couple this week has been reunited with his family.

The magpie featured in yesterday's Marlborough Express after he was found in Logan Place.

Debbie Nicholson, who lives in Eltham Rd, was very grateful to have Mordecai the magpie home safe.

A friend rang her yesterday after seeing photos of the magpie in the Express.

"She immediately wondered if it could be Mordecai - and it was," Mrs Nicholson said.

The magpie was given to Nicolson family as a fledgling late last year and had become a pet for 12-year-old Chase.


It broke out of his enclosure almost six weeks ago while the family were out of the house.

"My son [Chase] plays with the bird the same way other children might with a cat," Mrs Nicholson said.

"He taught him to roll over on to his back and play with his hand like he did for the photo in the paper."

The family had lost hope that the magpie would ever be found, and even gave his enclosure away to a friend for her chickens.

"I am hurriedly building him a new one," Mrs Nicholson said.

"He spends all his time with us when we are home, but his enclosure is a safe place to leave him when we are not here.

"We are very grateful to Mr and Mrs Uffindell for taking such good care of him and for contacting the paper - we would never have found him if it wasn't for them."

The Nicholsons were still intrigued by the mystery of where else Mordecai had visited during his adventure.

They found it amazing that he was found more than 2 kilometres from their home.

"His wings were clipped so he couldn't fly long distances at a time.

"[We are] just glad he thought to go to people, otherwise we may never have found him," Mrs Nicholson said.

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