Owners urged to note bike numbers

18:26, Mar 09 2014
Russ Smith
Lost but not found: Community Constable Russ Smith with a child’s bike that was found abandoned in Blenheim.

More than 50 lost or stolen bikes can be found at the Blenheim police station at any time, just waiting to be claimed, says community constable Russ Smith.

Abandoned bikes are found every week scattered around Blenheim. People call in after finding bikes at the river, left on the footpath or dumped on a lawn, Mr Smith said.

"A pink bike that was almost brand new, with a helmet, turned up a while ago," he said.

"When I saw it I thought ‘Oh crikey, some little girl will be really upset about that'."

And it's not just bikes turning up, he said.

Garden gnomes, letter boxes, children's scooters and a lawnmower are among the items stored in the station after being ditched around town.


When bikes come in, the serial number is recorded and entered into the police database.

Anyone who reports a bike missing can claim it a lot faster if they have that serial number, Mr Smith said.

Bikes that aren't claimed are kept for three months then donated to a Blenheim charity, such as Maata Waka or a bike safety programme.

The bikes used to be sent to auctions but that hasn't happened for a while, Mr Smith said.

Last week about 40 unclaimed bikes that had been at the station for more than three months were given to a charity, Mr Smith said.

"People aren't very security conscious with bikes on their properties, they just leave them lying around thinking that they're safe," he said.

"Some dishonest person will come along and see it as a quick way to get across town."

A lot of people call up to check if their bike is at the station after seeing a story in the paper, he said.

"The sad thing is they don't see the police when they get their bikes stolen," he said. "They've just written them off."

Anyone with a new bike should record the serial number on the frame to make it easier to find if it goes missing, Mr Smith said.

Call Blenheim police station for more information on how to claim a bike on 03 578 5279.

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