Hitch-hike robbed at knife point

In the Blenheim District Court on Monday, a 28-year-old Kaikoura man admitted brandishing a knife at a hitch-hiker.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said Thomas Tui Te Hau was driving north in Beach Rd, Kaikoura, on February 23 when he picked up a hitch-hiker about 8.30pm.

After stopping to get petrol, they continued on towards Blenheim, before Te Hau stopped the car, saying there was something was going on in the boot of the car.

He got out and went to the boot, before continuing around the car to the passenger side, holding a kitchen knife. He asked the victim to hand over his wallet. The victim gave him $140 in cash.

When Te Hau demanded the hitch-hiker's phone, the victim got out of the car and pushed past him. He then phoned the police.

Te Hau said he did not know why he had done what he did, but his lawyer, Rennie Gould, said her client had intended to treat the hitch-hiker well when he picked him up.

Judge Tony Zohrab subjected Te Hau to the three-strikes law and remanded him for sentence on April 15.

The Marlborough Express