MDC smoke-free commitment

The Marlborough District Council has released a Smoke-free Position Statement, committing itself to work with other organisations to make the region smoke-free by 2025.

Deputy mayor Terry Sloan said the council's smoke-free message is a clear signal to everyone that smoking in public places, particularly around children, was to be discouraged.

"Smoking is not part of the healthy lifestyle and good fitness levels we encourage in our community, so it makes sense to discourage smoking at our sport and recreation venues."

The council endorsed smoke-free parks and gardens, playgrounds, sports grounds and swimming pools, and walkways. When signs at council venues and locations were installed or replaced, they would include the smoke-free logo. Events held at council-owned venues or where the council was a sponsor should be smoke-free and the smoke-free message should be encouraged in event publicity.

Cancer Society Marlborough health promoter Teresa Goza said she was ecstatic about the statement. "Only 15 per cent of Marlburians smoke. The Marlborough Smoke-free group have been advocating for years on behalf of our smoking whanau who just want to get rid of it - it's easier to quit if it isn't everywhere you go. Well done Marlborough."

Smoke Free Youth Ambassador Lamosa Manu said she was very happy to know the council would support her cause.

The Marlborough Express