Prepare for rough weather

18:37, Mar 13 2014

The Marlborough Emergency Management group is preparing for weather which has the potential to become a "major event", and is expected to hit the region this weekend.

Cyclone Lusi, which is approaching New Zealand, could bring severe weather to Marlborough, and roading contractors were checking urban storm water drains and organising flooding signage in case it was required, a group spokesperson said.

MetService communications meteorologist John Law said Marlborough residents could expect the worst of the weather on Sunday. Saturday would be mainly dry until evening, when the rain was expected to arrive, bringing with it strong southeasterly winds which had the potential to reach gale force.

He expected the weather to worsen on Sunday, with heavy falls expected to continue, and a change to northerly winds, which were also expected to reach gale force.

Eastern Marlborough, including Waikawa, Picton, Blenheim, Seddon and Ward were expected to bear the brunt of the storm.

Precautionary measures were being put in place by Marlborough District Council staff, who would send out updates as and when required, the emergency group spokesperson said.


The Marlborough harbourmaster reminded mariners to closely monitor the weather for their area and plan accordingly.

They were reminded to ensure boats on moorings, anchors or in a marina were battened down and properly secured.

Residents were advised to have a household emergency plan and assemble and maintain their emergency survival items for their homes, as well as a portable getaway kit.

Large heavy objects should be secured or removed, and gutters should be cleared of leaves.

Farmers should know which paddocks were safe for livestock.

The council would issue updates and warnings on Marlborough radio stations.

The Marlborough Express