Drugs sold while on parole

A Blenheim drug dealer has been sent to jail for 3 years.

Bevan John Kelly, 43, was yesterday sentenced on one charge of supplying a class A drug (LSD), three charges of offering to supply class A drugs (two of methamphetamine and one of LSD) and two charges of offering to supply a class B drug (oxycodone).

In sentencing Kelly at the Blenheim District Court yesterday, Judge Bruce Davidson said the charges, which were representative, referred to incidents between May 9 and November 22 last year.

They stemmed from a police operation targeting alleged drug dealing activities of the Blenheim Mongrel Mob chapter, Judge Davidson said.

During the six-month period, Kelly sent around 90 text messages related to the supply of drugs.

The offers of supplying methamphetamine involved 20 grams of the drug, with a potential street value of at least $15,000.

There were five offers to supply LSD, and one actual supply of eight tablets of the drug, worth about $320, and a further seven offers to supply 46 oxycodone tablets, with a value of between $300 and $400.

During this time Kelly was "fairly deeply embedded in the local Blenheim drug scene", and had a long list of previous convictions, spanning about 24 years, Judge Davidson said.

When the incidents took place last year, Kelly had been on parole for similar offending, for which he was sent to prison in 2010, Judge Davidson said.

The two charges involving methamphetamine carried a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, and had been repeated, ongoing and premeditated offending, he said.

On the charges of offering to supply methamphetamine, Kelly was sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment, 2 years for supplying and offering to supply LSD, and 18 months for offering to supply oxycodone.

The sentences were to be served concurrently, bringing the total sentence to 3 years.

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