Slipping down the party list

01:07, Mar 19 2014
Green MP Steffan Browning

Marlborough-based Green MP Steffan Browning says he is not concerned to have dropped six places on the party's list.

Mr Browning, who lives in Grovetown, was ranked No 16 on the initial list published by the party on Monday.

He said that was where he was placed in the draft list before the previous election, but members eventually moved him up to the No 10 spot.

"I think the initial list reflects a strong urban, social, conservation persuasion in the caucus, and the more rural, primary production-based part will get me more support from members."

There was an "interesting dynamic", Mr Browning said, but it wasn't because he was not well thought of.

"There is politics within the Green Party, even though it is more democratic . . . the next iteration of the list will show some change."


Mr Browning said he would not want anyone on the list to not be there, rather he wanted more Greens in Parliament.

"I will continue the fight. I am committed with the Green Party getting 15 per cent of the vote. That would see me in anyway but the reality is we need more people in rural places, with a production focus, to help change the priorities in caucus."

Green Party co-convenor Georgina Morrison said the initial list was "just a useful guide for members all over the country to use when making their own personal selection".

"It's Green Party members, not its leadership, who decide who will be in Parliament working to make to New Zealand a smart, greener, more compassionate place to live."

The initial list is put together by delegates and candidates who attended the party's February candidate conference. The list now goes to party members to vote on. The Green Party uses STV (single transferable vote) voting. Voting papers will be sent to members next month and the final list will be announced in May.

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