Better late than never

21:30, Mar 20 2014
Two cars collided at the intersection of Fulton and Mowat Streets intersection.

Two vehicles collided at an intersection in Blenheim this morning, prompting police to remind drivers to ''take a second look''.

Police said the female driver of a Hyundai sedan had failed to give way at the intersection of Fulton and Mowat streets in Blenheim just before 9am.

A woman in a Nissan van collided with the sedan, sending it spinning to the opposite side of the road.

The driver of the van was treated for a bruised ankle, but two children in the van were not injured.

Police said they were investigating the incident.

Constable Paul Webber said drivers needed to remember to take another look at intersections, especially during school hours.

It was better to take a few seconds longer and get there safely, he said.

Two fire units and a St John ambulance were called to the accident. 

Firefighters covered a patch of leaked radiator oil with sand to prevent other vehicles skidding.


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