22,155 dwellings in Marlborough

23:18, Mar 23 2014

The number of houses available for rent in Marlborough in the $300+ per week price bracket has increased almost four times since the last census.

Figures from the 2013 census released by Statistics New Zealand last week showed 1122 houses in Marlborough cost $300+ per week to rent, compared with 225 at the 2006 census - an increase of 897.

Houses for rent in the $200-$300 per week category also increased. There were 1857 rentals in that price range recorded in the 2013 census compared with 1296 in 2006.

There were 547 fewer houses in Marlborough available for rent in the $100-$200 per week price bracket compared with the 2006 census.

The number of rental houses under $100 per week dropped from 477 to 285.

The figures also revealed that slightly fewer people own their own homes.


There were 9249 dwellings in Marlborough that are owned or partly owned by those who lived in them, compared with 9276 in 2006.

Meanwhile, there were 2610 dwellings in Marlborough held in a family trust, compared with 1893 at the 2006 census.

The total number of dwellings in Marlborough is 22,155, compared with 20,442 in 2006. Another 114 houses were under construction at the time of the census.

Of the 22,155 total, 3960 dwellings were unoccupied at the last census, these include residents who are temporarily away (567) and empty dwellings, such as a holiday house or because of repairs or renovations (3393). This was an increase of 543 unoccupied houses from the 2006 census.

The total number of occupied dwellings was 18,195 and included 17,940 private dwellings and 255 non-private dwellings, which were classed as short and long-term communal accommodation. This was up 1170 occupied dwellings in Marlborough, compared with 17,025 at the 2006 census.

There were 222 people living in a mobile home, or in motorcamp at last year's census, compared with 312 in 2006.

The number of people residing in baches, cribs, holiday homes and houses adjoined to a business or shop was 858, compared with 888 in 2006.

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