Busker steals pants

18:37, Mar 24 2014

A 22-year-old man appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday after taking a pair of pants from Hallensteins in Blenheim.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said Joseph Karl Newcombe was in the Market St store about 2.45pm on March 18.

He tried on several items in a changing room and when the shop assistant was busy he put a pair of pants valued at $70 into his guitar case before leaving the shop. When the assistant went into the changing room she found the tags of the pants and reported the theft to police, who were unable to find Newcombe.

The following day, Newcombe returned to Market St and was busking near the shop when the assistant recognised him and phoned the police.

Judge Richard Russell sentenced Newcombe to six months' supervision, and ordered him to pay $69.99 reparation for the pants.

"You need to know that if you continue along this path and repeat this behaviour, then some tougher outcomes are going to follow," Judge Russell told him.



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