Man admits dishonesty offences

03:23, Mar 25 2014

A 44-year-old man was remanded until Friday to apply for bail after he pleaded guilty to six dishonesty charges.

In the Blenheim District Court yesterday, Marshall Teraina Rimene, admitted three charges of theft, one charge of shoplifting, one of receiving stolen property and one of being unlawfully in a building.

According to the police summary of facts, police had been investigating several burglaries and thefts in Picton since January.

They discovered Rimene had committed at least six of the offences when they identified him on CCTV and searched his house, recovering several stolen items.

In relation to the receiving charge, the summary said a furnished vacant house in Picton was entered between November 11 and January 17.

A 32-inch television, including the wall bracket and remote control, a sleeping bag, thermal clothing and collector coins, valued at a total of $1200, were taken.


A search of Rimene's house, which borders the targeted house, on February 18 uncovered all the items, and the television had been mounted on his wall.

On January 6, Rimene went into the old BP Gateway service station in Picton and asked the woman attendant if there was any work available.

While she was out the back asking her husband about the work, Rimene reached over the counter and took an iPad, before leaving the property. The theft was caught on CCTV but the iPad has not been recovered.

On February 18, about 3.15pm, Rimene was in the Picton Library with his partner's 8-year-old son.

When the librarian wasn't looking, Rimene reached over the counter and took her wallet and cellphone. The total cost of the items was about $400.

The cellphone was found when police searched Rimene's house.

On February 17, Rimene entered a house in Dublin St, Picton, but soon realised he was being watched by a neighbour, left the house and went into the back garden.

The occupant was in the garden, and Rimene asked her if she wanted any help doing the gardening, before he left the property.

Rimene went to Fresh Choice Picton on February 17, about 10.45am with his partner's 4-year-old son. Rimene was seen on CCTV picking up a frozen dessert and walking into another aisle with the boy, concealing the dessert in a bag he was carrying.

Rimene walked to the counter and paid for another item before leaving the store.

After leaving the supermarket, Rimene and the boy went to a craft shop in Mariners Mall.

While the shop attendant was distracted, Rimene took her wallet.

The wallet contained about $80 cash and other cards, coming to a total value of about $200.

Police found the empty dessert container and a card belonging to the craft shop attendant when they searched Rimene's home.

He did not make any comment to police.

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