Unauthorised use of credit card

A 19-year-old man has admitted nine charges of using a document without authority, and with intent to obtain a pecuniary advantage.

In the Blenheim District Court yesterday, police prosecutor Sergeant Graham Single said Wiremu Blake came into possession of an ANZ credit card that did not belong to him on February 12.

The Visa card was a "pay wave" card, meaning purchases of up to $80 could be made without a pin number or signature by waving the card in front of a card reader.

That day he made six purchases of cigarettes, alcohol and food items with the card, spending a total of $155.87.

His actions were caught on CCTV at Z Energy Blenheim and Liquorland, Mr Single said.

The following day, Blake made two more purchases and attempted to make a third, when the card was declined.

He spent $42.68 that day, with the purchases being captured on CCTV.

After the declined purchase, Blake threw the card away.

He admitted using the card, and said he knew what he was doing was wrong but it was "too easy" and he couldn't resist the temptation.

Blake also admitted receiving stolen property after he took 22 metres of copper guttering, stolen from Bohally Intermediate School, to a metal recyclers.

Mr Single said the guttering was pulled off a classroom some time between February 1 and 2. On February 3, Blake and an associate took the guttering, valued at $1200, to Blenheim Metal Recyclers, where he received $145 for the metal.

Blake said he had not stolen the metal, but had found it in some bushes at Pollard Park.

He said he "thought it was a bit dodgy" at the time but thought he could get some money for it.

Reparations for both the card uses and the guttering was sought.

Judge Russell remanded Blake for sentencing in the Nelson District Court on May 5.