Travelling Europe on Red Bull

20:26, Apr 15 2014
Chessie henry
Red Bull Can You Make it Freedom Hunters team: Finn Henry, Tish McNicol and Chessie Henry are off to Europe to compete in the red bull challenge. They have to cross Europe using only red bull as curency

A brother and sister from Kaikoura, Finn and Chessie Henry, have embarked on a wild adventure with fellow Otago University student Tish McNicol.

The trio are competing against teams from all over the world in a race across Europe with one catch - they can use only energy drink Red Bull as currency.

It all began when Tish heard about the race a few weeks ago, Chessie says. Although they were up against it with the cut-off date for entries the very next day, Chessie enlisted younger brother Finn and they wasted no time, making their one-minute introduction video the next day and submitting it that night.

"To our massive surprise we got a call saying we had been shortlisted, and then a call the following day which was basically along the lines of ‘pack your bags, you're going to Europe'!"

Chessie says the team is totally overwhelmed and beyond excited but of course they are up for the challenge.

They have already secured sponsorship from Macpac.


They are the only Australasian team and are hoping this will set them apart and help them charm their way around Europe.

The aim of the race is to compete with 100 teams to be the first across Europe bartering along the way for food, accommodation and transport with Red Bull. They have seven days to complete the challenge and will have to stop at checkpoints, sharing videos and photos and drumming up as much support as possible from home. Other than that, they will be in the dark as to what awaits them.

"We have pretty much no idea what to expect when we get over there - we know we will be given a list of checkpoints that we have to get to, and at each checkpoint is a new challenge we will have to complete in order to progress.

"Right now our main concern is how we are going to cross the English channel to get to Paris with only a can of Red Bull to offer."

The score for each team is based not only on how they do in the race, but in how much support they can rally and how many followers they have, so now the trio is hoping to spread the word.

They need as many people as possible to "like" their team.

"Other than that our plan is really to just be as friendly and genuine as possible, and to hope that our Kiwi charm will get us through."

And of course they really want to do New Zealand proud and be a fair and fun team with some good banter.

Click through to support the Freedom Hunters, and make sure your friends and family follow them too.


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