Sweet taste of success

16:00, Mar 28 2014
Roberta Cameron
Sweet and juicy: Blenheim’s Roberta Cameron and her husband, Don, are excited to have grown their third successful pineapple

One Blenheim woman's love for gardening has see her successfully grow a pineapple in her conservatory for the third consecutive time.

Roberta Cameron cut into the pineapple yesterday, after almost two years of nurturing the tropical exotic plant by watering it every day.

Her husband Don said this pineapple was the grandchild of one they starting growing in Blenheim in 2007. They are watching two more shoots on the plant to see if they develop into fruit.

They tried growing a pineapple when they lived in Christchurch, but it died because it was too cold.

Mrs Cameron said she has no secret to growing a pineapple, but believed the Blenheim sun was crucial.

"Other people I know have tried but have been unsuccessful."


This pineapple was the smallest of the three she had grown.

She admitted she has always had a green thumb. A number of fruit trees are thriving in her garden along the Taylor River stockbank.

"I love gardening and am always doing something out in the garden."

Mrs Cameron's tips for growing a pineapple:

Cut the top off leaving a flat slice of pineapple as the base, leave it to dry for a couple of days and then plant in pot and place in warm spot and water daily.

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