Grape spill makes road slippery

More than $3000 has been spent cleaning up grape spills so far this harvest, says Marlborough Roads manager Frank Porter.

As of yesterday, Marlborough Roads had responded to seven grape spills on state highways, only three short of the entire 2013 vintage.

A further six spills needed to be cleaned up on Marlborough District Council roads, half the total number of spills during last year's vintage, Porter said.

The cleanup cost for the 13 spills on both council roads and state highways was more than $3000, he said.

Grapes made the road surface slippery, which was a serious hazard and cost hundreds of dollars to clean up, he said.

Unnecessary grape spills were likely to happen when a truck full of grapes had to make an emergency stop, Porter said.

Vintage began in February and is expected to finish at the end of this month.

The police Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit has a zero-tolerance policy for grape spills. Harvest drivers face fines of up to $2000 for any load spills.


Marlborough Road's tips for people driving during vintage:

Expect to meet tractors and harvesters on rural roads.

Be patient when in a queue.

Expect to meet a lot more trucks on the road.

Give trucks plenty of space to manoeuvre. T

ruck drivers should take extra care to drive slowly and carefully at corners and intersections. 

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