Sky lights a mystery for couple

17:37, Mar 31 2014

A Blenheim man and his wife had a sleepless night on Friday after spotting two mysterious lights in the night sky.

Ken Henderson said he was a sceptic and didn't believe or even bother to read stories on sightings of strange lights.

"There has to be a logical explanation for it, but it is still unnerving when it happens," he said.

Henderson, a resident of Springlands Lifestyle Village, said he and his wife went to bed about 9.30pm Friday after watching Coronation Street.

He couldn't sleep and got up to open the blinds and get some fresh air about 9.45pm. It was then he saw two lights moving in the sky toward the Wither Hills, one on top of the other.

He said the bottom light was deep red and had lines in it; the light on the top had a yellow/white hue.


"I wasn't going to bother saying anything - people would think I'm old and won't believe me anyway even though we are some of the youngest people living here. If you told me this last week I wouldn't have believed me either," he said.

He went outside to follow the lights and said one veered south, and moved down Lakings Rd before disappearing behind two trees. The second light was heading in the direction of the Waihopai Valley.

"We are on the flight path and see tons of planes, I've also seen satellites, a comet and falling stars in my lifetime and they were nothing like this," he said.

"We were shaken by the event and were hoping someone else may have seen the lights as well and tell us what they were."

A Blenheim police spokesperson said there had been no reports of any strange lights at the weekend.

Similar sightings of strange lights were reported in Blenheim in October 2013 and in May 2012. They were Chinese lanterns.

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