Woman on trial after meth found

18:53, Apr 03 2014

A 32-year-old woman is on trial at the Blenheim District Court facing a charge of possession of methamphetamine for supply.

Dalliss Marie Antunovich, of Palmerston North, faces the charge after police found about 25 grams of the drug in a car in which she was a passenger on September 29, 2012.

She and the owner of the car, Reuben Anthony Honan, 49, had just arrived in Picton on a Cook Strait ferry when police searched the car and found the drugs.

Honan has already admitted a charge of possessing for supply the methamphetamine worth $12,000, but has not yet been sentenced.

In his opening address, Crown prosecutor Jackson Webber argued that Antunovich was also guilty of the charge in that she aided and encouraged Honan to get the drug, and to supply it to somebody else.

Honan had been staying at Antunovich's house in the week before September 29, during which time Antunovich had driven Honan to Auckland and back to Palmerston North twice, he said.


It is believed the methamphetamine was picked up from Auckland. Webber said the Crown also had CCTV footage of Antunovich making two payments of $4500 into a BNZ bank account, at two separate branches of the bank in Palmerston North.

Text messages had been exchanged between Honan and an associate just before the payments, about the purchase of some methamphetamine for $12,000.

Initially $9000 was to be paid, with the balance to be paid "within a few days", according to the text messages, Webber said.

Defence lawyer Nick McKessar said the issue of the trial was going to become whether or not Antunovich knew she was aiding Honan to deal drugs.

His client had been "taken advantage of by Mr Honan, a convicted drug dealer", who she thought she was helping during a time of need. He had been in hospital with serious chemical burns that week.

McKessar argued that Antunovich had no idea that what she was doing had anything to do with the supply of drugs. She believed the bank payments were for a car.

The trial, in front of a jury, was expected to finish today.

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